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Pic Pack Library

PicPack library

A vast collection of C microcontroller source code to make using your project just that little bit easier.

Latest version: 3.09

Download: Source Code, HTML Reference Manual, PDF Reference Manual

Updated in 3.09

- Firmware and test programs for DSP-0801 and DSP-0401B

- Expanded support for hardware SPI functions as slave

Updated in 3.02

- Fixes for SourceBoost 7 and updated USB examples

3.02 Download: Source CodeHTML Reference ManualPDF Reference Manual

Updated in 3.01

- More robust USB module for use with Vista (demos coming soon)

- Example LDP-6416 projects for 2, 3 or 4 boards

Supported devices

FM Radio: AR1000
Temperature sensors: DS1631, TMP75, LM75
Real Time Clock (RTC): DS1307, M41T81S
LED display (4 digit): HC4
Digital compass: HMC6352
IEEE 802.15.4 transceivers: MRF24J40
Propriatry transceivers: NRF2401A
LCD display
Pressure sensors: MS5540
Humidity sensors: SHT15, SHT11
Audio player: SOMO-14D


Software i2c
Audio queue
Debug routines
Conversion pseudo decimal to text for temperature display
Config bits for PICs
WPAN layer on top of MRF24J40
Mesh networking on top of MRF24J40
Flash write / erase
Bootloader with examples for 16f876a, 16f877a, 16f88, 18f14k50, 18f2455, 18f252, 18f25k20, 18f2620,  18f26k20, 18f452, 18f4520, 18f4550, 18f67j50, 18f87j50
Simple mesh network based on nrf2401a or nrf24l01
Fully featured mesh network based on MRF24J40
Software (timer-based) PWM
USB library with CDC (serial port) and HID (mouse) examples

Draw library

Graphics library with support for pixel, line, rectangle, circle, bitmaps, text (fonts)

Drivers for:

  EA LDP-6432 64x32 dual-colour LED display panel
  EA LDP-6416 64x16 dual-colour LED display panel
  EA LDP-8008 80x08 dual-colour LED display panel
  HT1632 based boards such as Sure 2416
  PCD8544 based graphic LCD (Nokia 3310)