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About Embedded Adventures

Embedded Adventures provides the electronic displays and modules you need to design and create anything you can dream up.

Today, you can easily buy a new gadget and change it to suit your needs, even going beyond what the creators had ever imagined, and Embedded Adventures can help you – create, change or hack to customize your world.

Microcontrollers are at the heart of Embedded Adventures. These small chips can do just about anything simply by changing its software. These devices are endlessly tweakable, and Embedded Adventures’ microcontrollers give creators control to be clever.

At Embedded Adventures we want to start you off on your endeavor -- even if you've never written any software for a microcontroller before -- offering you tools, platforms and ideas to keep your adventure going.

We provide hardware platforms to build on and fun devices to display information and discover the world around you. And join our newsletter, where we share the best free software out there to make the learning curve more like a jog through the countryside.

We hope you have a fantastic Embedded Adventure and tell us about the challenges, successes and projects you make along the way! We look forward to hearing from you.