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LED Matrix Display - 64x32 - P7.62v2
LED Matrix Display - 64x32 - P7.62v2

The LDP-6432-P7.62v2 is a dual-LED, tri-colour 64 pixel by 32 pixel SMD LED matrix display with pixels 7.62mm apart.  Each pixel consists of a red and green LED (commonly referred to as “1R1G”).  There are 2048 pixels and 4096 individually addressable LED elements.  It includes shift-register circuitry such that all 4096 LEDs can be controlled with only 11 microcontroller I/O lines.  Pixels can show as black (that is, completely unlit), red, green or yellow (red+green).

This v2 display uses surface mount LEDs, in which the RED is not as bright but more red, and the green is more pure green than our LED module displays.  This results in better looking colours and yellow combined colours instead of orange.

These panels can be daisy chained horizontally to create a longer message display board, both vertically and horizontally.
This board is more efficient than two LDP-6416 panels since it clocks an additional row at the same time.
The board comes with a 16-way IDC connector and power cable.  Note that to connect two displays vertically you will need a longer IDC connector than the one supplied – please see the components section for such a cable.
Note that compared to the v1 boards, the data lines are inverted (that is, drive low to light). We'll update the datasheet to reflect this shortly.
This board will ship directly from the US warehouse until we have stock in the UK.
Module: LDP-6432-P7.62v2
Hackability: 100% (full datasheet and driver source code available)
Datasheet: LDP-6432
Dimensions: 488mm x 244mm (19.21in x 9.06in), pixels 5mm diameter, 7.62mm apart