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LED Matrix Display - 64x16 - P4
LED Matrix Display - 64x16 - P4

LED matrix displays are a great way of showing everyone what's happening in your embedded project.

The LDP-6416 is a dual-LED, tri-colour 64 pixel by 16 pixel LED matrix display. Each pixel consists of a red and green LED (commonly referred to as “1R1G”). There are 1024 pixels and 2048 individually addressable LED elements. It includes shift-register circuitry such that all 2048 LEDs can be controlled with only 10 microcontroller I/O lines. Pixels can show as black (that is, completely unlit), red, green or orange (red+green).

These panels can be daisy chained horizontally to create a longer message display board, or horizontally to create a bigger text and graphic size.
Small LCD displays are fine if you’re sitting right next to it, but what if you want to read the information from the other side of the room?  We believe these panels are the best compromise between readability from a distance and detail of text and graphics (ie, pixel density). And, of course, having literally thousands of flashing lights at your disposal...

The board comes with a 16-way IDC connector and power cable.
Module: LDP-6416
Hackability: 100% (full datasheet and driver source code available)
Datasheet: LDP-6416
Dimensions: 256mm x 64mm (10.08in x 2.52in)