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Microchip Pickit2 Programmer
Microchip Pickit2 Programmer

We’ve searched the planet for the best microcontroller programmer and we believe the Pickit2 is the best value around.  Not only do you get Microchip standing behind it (so it’s more likely to work with new PICs as they come out), you also get a bunch of great functionality thrown in.  Sure, it can program PICs, and fast too, and debug a fair range of them. However it also comes with a bunch of fantastic features.  Once the PIC is programmed, you can then turn the Pickit2 into a USB-UART Serial converter, or even a 3 channel logic analyser to see what’s happening in your circuit.  If you’re getting into embedded electronics, this is a great tool to get you going.

Tool: DTL-1001
Datasheet: DTL-1001
Description: Pickit2 Microchip Programmer
Software: MPLAB IDE, Pickit2 programmer application, PK2CMD command line for direct integration into your IDE (eg Sourceboost)
Programs: All current 8, 16 and 32bit flash PIC microcontrollers
Instances: Up to 4 Pickit2 devices can be connected to the one PC (two debugging separate PICs, one running UART connection, one running logic analyser)