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Nobel Prize in Physics for Blue LEDs

We love LEDs and thought this was very cool!

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From Popular Science: Why A Blue LED Is Worth A Nobel Prize; Plus, a little history of making semiconductors glow

Excerpt: "Three scientists have jointly earned the Nobel Prize in physics for their work on blue LEDs, or light-emitting diodes. Why blue in particular? Well, blue was the last -- and most difficult -- advance required to create white LED light. And with white LED light, companies are able to create smartphone and computer screens, as well as light bulbs that last longer and use less electricity than any bulb invented before."

Click on the link for the full story. 

From Blue light Nobel Prize has LED inventor seeing red

Excerpt: "Nick Holonyak invented the first visible-spectrum LED in 1962, and the technology quickly revolutionized the world; LEDs changed networking, data storage, data transmission, and more; the impact of LEDs can be seen in everything from your smartphone screen to your fiber internet connection to your next car’s headlights. So, when year after year went by without an all-important Nobel nod to LEDs, some in the industry called foul — against Holonyak’s resistance. He says he long ago put aside any lingering hopes that he would win a Nobel, but never imagined that someone else might get it for the technology he himself invented."

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